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What is actually Overspot?

What is actually Overspot?

Overspot was born back in May 2018 on a mission to stop losing time on translation lookup.

To date, Overspot is one of the best translation tools for Mac, a new way to translate trusted by thousands people all over the world.

It takes to long to go to translation websites

Have you ever written a letter or document in a foreign language? Very often it becomes necessary to translate one single word in the middle of the sentence. What are you doing in this situation? You open the browser, go to some translation page, wait for the opening, translate the word, return to the letter/document. Most likely you are too distracted and lost the thread at this moment.

Overspot is based on the idea that you will never have to loose your time and attention on translation lookup, ever.

Overspot comes with 3 simple deep integrated into macOS ways to translate any text from any application.

How to translate with Overspot on Mac

With Overspot you can translate text in three different ways and access them almost instantly. Here’s how it works:

Spotlight translation

Spotlight translation is our favorite way to translate on Mac. You can access it anytime & anywhere by pressing Option+Space. No more loosing time and context.

Why Overspot’s Spotlight translation

is great

  1. You can translate from any App on your Mac without switching the applications.
  2. Spotlight gives you translation in different languages instantly.
  3. You can copy translated text and paste it where you need it.

Translation from Clipboard

This is probably the easiest way to translate words and small pieces of text. Just copy text to clipboard (select and press CMD+C). Then press default translation shortcut: CMD+G. The cool thing is, you can always change every shortcut in Overspot.


Translate using Quick-Access Menu

For translating using Quick-Access menu you should define languages, that you want to see in menu. Let say you often translate in German, Spanish and French. Here is how you add this languages to Quick-Access menu:

  1. Go to Overspot Settings
  2. Select this languages in last Settings Section

Key combination Option⌥+Tab⇥  shows Quick-Access Menu. By holding Option key and pressing Tab you can easily switch between presented languages.

Once you have selected the language you want to translate for, release the keys and the translation will almost immediately appear in the upper right corner of your Mac.

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We would love to hear more what you think about Overspot and what miss on it. Please share them with us in the comments below! 🙏

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