Boost Your Productivity

Work less and get more done easily. Optimize daily workflows and leverage your time by automating the process of documenting software. Create user documentation, help files, online manuals, and guides in minutes instead of hours.

Explain & Learn Things in a Hassle-Free Way

Communicate ideas to your clients, colleagues, and family in the more compelling way than words alone with the industry’s best manual creation software.

Capture Your Company’s Knowledge

Facilitate knowledge sharing and boost employee training by creating video documentations with the help of our powerful software.

In 3 Steps to perfect video

How Does It Work

Take Screenshot

Just take the screenshots and add them to "Mynd" Project.


Add Text Description

Add text content to each step, tell the story and Mynd will sync it in.


Press Export Button and your video is ready to share.

Use Cases

Bug Tracking

Deliver the right feedback at the right time with the right set of interactive tools.


Make training and marketing materials and share information easily. Close the deal faster than ever, close the feedback loop with demo, live examples and engaging explanations.

Customer Success

Mynd can help you to explain complicated workflows or answer customer support tickets. Build trust with more authentic communication.


Introduce and demo features in just few steps, your agility and A/B testing just got into a whole new level.


Create auto-narrated walkthroughs, give product feedback, send updates to your team, report bugs.


Create training and educational videos as immersive learning tools for users.


Auto Narration

Add text content to each step, tell the story and Mynd will sync it in. Don't waste time and money for translation. Mynd do it for you.


Communicate your message. Modify and annotate your captured content with the built-in editor. Change colors, add shapes, blur text, highlight, and more with easy to use tools.


Zoom in to show people what exactly you`re seeing.


Remove unwanted areas from the edges of an image.


Easily highlight, cover, or add parts to an image so you can communicate with ideas.


Add captions, headings, or other text to screenshots.


Call attention to an important item in your screen grab. (Comming soon)

Blur sensitive data

Hide or mask sensitive information in an image.