The best translation App for macOS. Easy translation from everywhere.

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Seamless integration with system

The best translation App for macOS.

Overspot allows you to translate text into more than 100 languages.
Deep system integration gives you perfect translation assistant at any time without switching the context.

Fast and easy

Translation has never been easier.

Translate witch just one key press from browser, text editor, mail application, messages, etc. Overspot is always there where you need it.

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Automatic Language Detection

Take full advantage of smart algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Overspot uses full power of modern technology. Of course you can still manually define a default input languge, but this step is not neccessary anymore. Just write or copy your text and Overspot will automatically detect text language.

Spotlight Translation

Do not interrupt your workflow.

Spotlight Translation is the best way to quickly translate text without interruptions. Just press shortcut keys, enter what you want to translate. Translated text appears in all 'frequently used' languages.

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