Invaluable tool for designers and developers.

Pikka is both a color picker and a color editor that helps you to manage colors while saving the most of your time.

Get color values from every part of your screens

Color Picker

Created for designers and developers. Ultra-accurate. Pick and adjust colors from anywhere on your screen. Multiscreen environment is also supported.

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Hold shift and click to pick multiple colors

Multiple Colors

Need to pick more color at once? Just hold shift while picking a color.

Edit colors in RGB, HSB or HSL mode

Powerful Shortcuts

You can access the picker in different ways. Use your mouse or define shortcuts to quickly present library or magnifier.

Color formats for Developers & Designers

Paste Colors everywhere

Copy and paste color codes in a wide variety of formats. Pikka fits for developers and designers. Switch beetween RGB, CSS HEX, CSS HSL, formats for iOS, Android or .NET developers.

Organize, adjust & export colors with style

Color Library

All your colors in one place. Color Library is always there, where you need it. Using shortcut you can open the library, that will stick to the bottom of your screen. Create folders, drag & drop colors beetween folders. Export whole folders to HTML, Swift/Objective-C UIColor/NSColor extension, Adobe Color Palette and many more. Double Click on color in library to copy.

Create beautiful palettes while editing a color

Palettes & Color Shades

Pikka automaticaly creates 5 different color palettes, based on editing color. Mono, analogous, complementary, triad and color shades.

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Edit colors in RGB, HSB or HSL mode


Create a new color or adjust picked one. The editor makes the editing process to an unforgettable experience. Adjust color in different modes RGB, HSB or HSL and see all the color shades or pleasant palettes, that are in harmony with color.

iCloud Sync

Many Devices, One Pikka

Pikka is integrated with iCloud, so your colors are kept in sync across each of your Macs. Add a color on one and within seconds it will appear on the others.